Cambodian sodiers at Preah Vihea templeThai Sodiers at Preah Vihea templeAfter an exchange gunfire between Thai and Cambodia troop about more than 2 hrs, Cambodian soldiers captured 6 Thai soldiers and they noticed that many Thai soldiers died and included 2 tank were also destroyed.

Cambodian soldiers added that many Thai military camp along the border where destroyed, many Thai soldiers lifted the white flag to surrender and asked for negotiation but Cambodian soldiers denied because many places still exchange gunfire at that time.

At this time we still not confirm the death and wounds yet but we will keep you all updated about this story soon!

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10 Responses to “Atleast 2 Thai tank were destroyed and 33 Thai soldiers were killed”

  1. bullshit

  2. I don’t think you can remember your dark world years back. So, why fight? Let’s us talk, make a frequent visit and be friend each other. Don’t make South and North Korea as an example. It’s too bad to quarrell. Stop it, ok

  3. Could be true but not sure if this is a real post.

    Seems pretty amateur considering the lack of evidence.

  4. lier

  5. Lately, I found out that Cambodia News was accurate that Thai News.
    I was sure that Thai News posted information based on Thai Army provided.
    Thai Army keeps denying and giving the fault statments…. Soon enough, the truce came out.
    It is shamed that Thai Army denied his own Soldiers.

  6. cambodia army stronger than thai army? jocking!

  7. Cambodia army not stronger than thai army.
    But MLRS is far more effective, accuracy and higher coverage area than artillery.
    That’s all.

  8. williams January 12, 2012

    I think you got a wrong information or maybe your post is Fake I not sure. But Thai troops are more stronger than cambodia.

  9. China army January 12, 2012

    Thai soldiers are stronger than Cambodia army because I’m comparing between Thailand and cambodia by the experince that I got from exercise (Maneuver)